Seize the Lightning

Voltage offers noncustodial Lightning node hosting with complete user control.
Provision your own node in less than two minutes.

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To harness the full power of the Lightning Network, you need to have your own node. However, setting up your own can be costly and requires deep technical knowledge. We're here to give you the power without the burden.

Always On

Nodes run 24/7 with redundancy built in. Send and receive payments anytime, anywhere without worry.

Easy Integration

You get direct access to the LND gRPC and/or REST API. You can connect from your favorite wallets and tools.


Initialize your wallet with your own seed and password. We don't have access to any of your private keys, macaroons, or passwords.

Secure and Private

We offer Tor integration for peer to peer, IP Whitelisting to prevent unwanted access, and everything is encrypted to your wallet's password.

Zero Management

We take on the headaches of node management. We'll tackle things like backups, networking, and version upgrades for you.


We expose most of LND's settings, as well as our own, in our dashboard. You can turn on what you want and turn off what you don't.

Noncustodial Nodes

You will always have total control

We provide the infrastructure, but the node is yours. Access and transparency are built into Voltage. You're always able to verify what's happening with your node and you control the keys.

You create the seed and password. We never see it.

Sensitive files are encrypted to your password client-side.

Backups are taken frequently of your node. You can download all files.

Start and stop your node whenever you want.

Totally Configurable

Adjust your settings how you want

You can setup your node just how you like it. Get all the flexibility with none of the hassle. We expose most of LND's configuration options. You have the capability to turn features on and off from your dashboard. Some settings include:




Alias & Color

Watchtower Client


IP Whitelisting

Easy Integration

Connect to your node from anywhere

You are able to connect to your Voltage node just like any other LND node. This opens the door to integrate with virtually all Lightning Network software that leverages the LND APIs.

Simple Connection

Share the same node and channels for mobile, desktop, and browser apps.

Unique DNS record for your API endpoint.

Generate a QR code to connect to your node via lndconnect.

IP Whitelisting capabilities to block unauthorized access

No matter what your use case is, Voltage can help. Whether you want to quickly buy pizza with Bitcoin or instantly settle an OTC trade, we provide everything you need.

Bitcoin Users

Acquiring your own node allows you to use the same channels across many devices. Thus cutting down on fees while increasing usability. Connect to all the best tools and apps with zero effort.


It's obvious that the Lightning Network will have a big impact on gaming. Now you can instantly earn and spend in Lightning enabled games. With a Voltage node, you can focus on playing the game instead managing your node.

Financial Institutions

We're seeing increasing Lightning Network usage among financial institutions. Don't miss out waiting for block confirmations. Start trading Bitcoin faster and let us handle running the servers.


Running a business is hard enough. Maintaining your own server for payment processing is another headache you don't need to take on. We can help you start accepting Lightning payments and we'll manage your server.

Create your own node

Experiencing the Lightning Network has never been so easy. Creating a node is simple and takes only a few minutes. Get notified when we're ready to open our doors.